Family Affairs

Yellow Rose by RCE

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Family Affairs
Family Affairs
  • Publish Date: 2007-12-18
  • Binding: Paperback

Assigned to work undercover in a small-town nursing home, insurance investigator Stacey Gardner sets out to find fraudulent medical claims. When she meets local resident Liz Schroeder, romance begins to bloom. But then Stacy discovers widespread elder abuse of which the entire nursing home staff is aware, and she fears that the whole town may be participating in a cover-up. Liz persuades Stacey to trust her and to accept help from her LGBT family in exposing the abuse. The family discovers an elaborate scheme that seems to defy exposure. Many of the nursing home staff members are dedicated to stopping Stacey at any cost, and the rest are too intimidated to reveal any information. The family presses on, determined to bring justice to the perpetrators and relief to the suffering patients. While the bond of love between Stacey and Liz grows ever stronger, they face the agonizing reality that success will mean a new assignment for Stacey, and her subsequent departure will spell the end of the chance at happiness that both women desperately crave.

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