The Japanese Pottery Handbook

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The Japanese Pottery Handbook
  • Publish Date: 1979-09-15
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Penny Simpson;Kanji Sodeoka

Everyone interested in pottery and crafts will find this practical guide a valuable addition to both bookshelf and workshop. Penny Simpson, an English potter living in Japan, and Kanji Sodeoka, her Japanese colleague, have compiled a step-by-step manual of the way pots are made in Japan, their forms, and their decorations. The authors give a thorough account of both traditional and modern techniques and also describe in detail tools, materials, glazes, and the setup of workshops and kilns. Lucy Kitto's lettering and sprightly drawings infuse each page with life and clarity.

Pottery terms and expressions are listed with their Japanese equivalents, making it possible for the Western potter to arrive at a more intimate understanding of Japanese pottery and, when necessary, to communicate with Japanese potters in their own language. A godsend to potters, students, and collectors, this book will be especially welcome to the growing number of potters who come into direct contact with their Japanese counterparts either at home or in Japan.

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