Handbook Of Cephalometric Superimposition

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Handbook Of Cephalometric Superimposition
Handbook Of Cephalometric Superimposition
Handbook Of Cephalometric Superimposition
  • Publish Date: 2011-05-30
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Herman S. Duterloo;Pierre-Georges Planche

Superimposition of cephalometric images is the universally used method for demonstrating and evaluating growth and treatment outcomes in the dentofacial complex in individual patients. However, traditional procedures for cephalometric superimposition are based on the use of periosteally located landmarks or their dependant substitutes, which are unstable over time. This renders interpretation of pretreatment-to-posttreatment changes unreliable. The structural method of superimposition, developed and introduced by Arne Bjrk and based largely on longitudinal implant studies, is the only evidence-based method of superimposition, and it provides individualized, far-reaching insight into growth and treatment changes. Reliable measurement of local, actual changes in direction and amount is possible, allowing interpretation of the biologic events that took place. This book provides a critical, in-depth review of the history of cephalometric superimposition and the background and development of the structural method; demonstrates how to apply the structural method; and provides help and instruction for correct interpretation of the resulting superimpositions. Accurate cephalometric tracings and superimpositions represent the best way to demonstrate and evaluate changes resulting from dentofacial skeletal growth and treatment. This book will help readers to produce superimpositions with maximal accuracy, based on the best available scientific biologic evidence.


1. History and Origin of the Structural Method

2. Validity and Reliability: Method Error

3. Interpreting Growth and Growth Patterns

4. Interpreting Image Variation

5. Interpreting Growth and Treatment Changes in Superimpositions

6. Describing Growth and Treatment Changes

7. Producing Manual Structural Superimpositions

8. Producing Computerized Structural Superimpositions

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