Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review

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Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review
  • Publish Date: 2000-05-15
  • Binding: Paperback

What is the function of G-proteins in phototransduction?<br>Do you know the X-linked neural metabolic diseases?<br>What is the surgical approach to the vertebral-basilar junction aneurysm?<br><br>In Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review, you'll find all the information you need to answer questions like these and every other type of question you'd find on the neurosurgery boards. Co-written by a physician who recently placed second in the U.S. on the neurosurgery boards and a renowned team from the University of Chicago, it provides everything you need to know to thoroughly prepare for these exams. <br><br>The well organized chapters cover all seven sections of the boards including: anatomy; physiology; neurology; pathology; radiology; neurosurgery; and critical care. Detailed, yet succinct, each section is broken down into simple facts to make memorization easy. Plus, the book contains all relevant X-rays, CT's, MRI's, and pathology slides-eliminating the need for additional expensive texts and atlases.<br><br>Benefits include:<br>* Summarizes all the key facts on the neurosurgery boards in less than 600 pages, saving you the trouble of reviewing more than 4,000 pages in the main texts<br>* More than 300 high-quality illustrations show the types of images you'll see on the boards<br>* Highlighted facts from earlier board exams point out the most pertinent areas for review<br>* Logical organization allows for quick access and easy memorization of the most vital information<br><br>This book is the ideal tool for residents preparing for the neurosurgery board exams. No other book is as comprehensive in scope while still providing the efficiency and ease-of-use residents demand. This material helped ensure the author's success and it can help you too.

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