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Business Fundamentals For The Rehabilitation Professional

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Business Fundamentals For The Rehabilitation Professional

Unlike other texts, Business Fundamentals for the Rehabilitation Professional answers the "what, where, how, and when" questions of transforming a health care practice idea into a successful business. Designed to integrate small business guidelines with health care regulations, practice operations, and management, this text is perfect for rehabilitation professionals and entrepreneurs interested in starting up or expanding their practice businesses.

Tammy Richmond, MS, OTRL, and Dave Powers, MA, MBA, PT, answer the "how-to" questions necessary to successfully own and operate a rehabilitation practice. Helpful worksheets and review questions are utilized to prepare readers in identifying business opportunities, legal and health care regulatory issues, conducting market research, and health care operation implementation. Health care professionals will learn how to create vision and mission statements, develop business and marketing plans, and manage their finances all within the understanding of their scope of practice; local, state, and federal regulations; and small business guidelines.

Effective tools and templates are included in each chapter to scale the reader's learning objectives against actual business examples. Input from experienced health care professionals and small business experts is also included to reinforce important aspects in properly executing a successful health care practice.


Market research worksheet Comparison of legal structures Business plan template Marketing plan worksheet Start-up tasks checklist Financial bookkeeping schedule Business success chart Practical tips

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