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Run Better, Run Faster: Using A Biomechanical Approach

Culicidae Press, LLC

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Run Better, Run Faster: Using A Biomechanical Approach
  • Publish Date: 2015-09-13
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Herb Kieklak

This book is written to help both current runnersand those who want to become a runnerlearn how to run more smoothly, more efficiently, and for longer periods of time without injury. We wanted to get rid of the painful early sessions that go with learning to run the traditional way (I used to hate running when I first started). We feel there is no need to pound the pavement or feel all beat up after a run (muscle soreness and hard work are OK, feeling beat up is not). Here is what we are going to cover in this book: 1. Screening for Potential Injuries Before You Start 2. Biomechanics: learning good technique always beats getting stronger. This is the main argument of the book. 3. The Key Points that make up the GrabNGo system: Five parts of running: Symmetry of arms and legs; Posture for ergonomicsthis is important. Master these areas before putting more time into anything else. It may take a bit longer to learn but pays off in the long run (pun intended). We include the appropriate strength and coordination drills for each section, as you need a certain level of strength in order to perform each technique correctly. 4. Build the Machine 5. Speed or Distance? This seems to be the big conundrum for runners. I know I used to think that it was an either/or choice. You were either a distance runner or one of the speed guys. I now realize that this is no longer true. With a little planning it is possible to work on both parameters as they each have their own benefits. Below we discuss how these very different goals can be merged. 6. Common Injuries and Simple Remedies: none of us like going to the doctor. Every runner at some point or another will experience these, just like falling down and scraping your knee when you learned to ride a bike.

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