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Journal Of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci

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Journal Of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci
Journal Of Inventions: Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Publish Date: 2009-04-07
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Author: Jasper Bark

I have always felt it is my destiny to build a machine that would allow man to fly, wrote Leonardo da Vinci in his journal alongside a sketch for an impossibly ingenious invention he called his Flying Machine. Though never built, it takes flight here in Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci. This fascinating book is an exquisite collection of elaborate 3-D pop-ups and detailed illustrations based on the personal notebooks and sketches of the Renaissances most influential mind. Discover da Vincis Mechanical Man, coil-spring clock mechanisms, hydraulic contraptions, and designs for armored vehiclesthe precursor to modern tanks. Each invention is brought to life as a movable 3-D pop-up, with da Vincis own words and illustrations to provide further insight. This endlessly fascinating book is sure to inspire young readers and adults alike.

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